• Sep 16, 2014
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A Pop of Color for Your Kitchen

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A Kitchen with COlor


Simple, elegant, clean - all these attributes make for a beautiful kitchen. But for a kitchen has that extra special personal touch, consider adding a pop of color. You can have the clean lines, the bright white cabinets and the sleek stainless steel appliances too. Adding a pop of color can be as easy as using colorful cabinets for your kitchen island link the one pictured above.

There are other ways to add a pop of color to your kitchen. Let's say you're not ready to go bold with the cabinets. How about some brightly colored stools. Or you could paint an accent wall (much easier to repaint than cabinets if you hate it) a bright color. If you are extra nervous about adding a pop of color to your kitchen, test the waters with some bright accessories. Or, for a pop of color just for you to enjoy, paint the inside of your cabinets.

One thing to keep in mind as you experiment with bright colors in your kitchen is to keep the floors basic. A beautiful hardwood (or even better, a durable vinyl that looks like hardwood like the Earthscapes Vinyl floor pictured above) or tile in a natural shade is your best bet when you're looking to add pops of color.


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